Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Journeys and Pausing

"Sometimes she describes her work as a journey through life or the world. Perhaps the paintings could be thought of as a short pause in that journey"
Cyril Gerber, 2001 

During the summer months, I've been in and out of the studio in between a couple of holidays in Sardinia and Mallorca.

I always come back brimming with thoughts and ideas which inevitably find their way into my work.
About which, more at a later date...

In the meantime, the other day, I was looking out some old exhibition cards for someone who was interested in my work. She picked out a description (quoted above) in one of them which, 10 years on I still think applies to my painting.

It was for a solo exhibition with The Compass Gallery in Glasgow, called PLACES You Always Knew Were There.

Gallery owner, Cyril Gerber, talked to me a lot about my work in the run up to this show and his words on the invitation card were well chosen.

My Studio (where I don't tend to pause much... if I'm there, I'm busy!)

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